Let’s talk about emotions!

Everybody has them but no one wants to admit it. 

Emotions are hard to deal with because unless your family of origin was committed and knowledgeable in this field you probably didn’t get a great precursor to how to deal with yours and others emotions.  And even the most well intentioned teachers on this subject can steer us wrong because each of us processes differently.  Ultimately it is up to the individual to make mistakes and commit to learning and growing.

What I see a lot of in a clinical setting is emotions being pushed deep deep deep down.  I can clearly tell when this happens and when it has contributed to disease (almost always).  

Emotions are defined as “a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from ones circumstances, mood or relationships with others” So if emotions are a state of mind, and your state of mind has been proven to release certain hormones, change your rate of breathing, perspiration, heart rate, etc, wouldn’t your emotions directly affect your state of disease or your state of health? Resoundingly, YES.  

If you are stressed, angry, or upset, your mind tells your body to release stress hormones.  This is the flight or fight response.  And these hormones increase inflammation when they are present in our bodies in high amounts. Inflammation equals pain.  So now you are in physical AND emotional pain.  And thus begins a vicious cycle.  

I see this pattern day in and day out and most don’t even know they are in this cycle.  We all are to some degree (unless you are really well adjusted and if this is you please let me study you for science).  

How do we break this cycle?

I have many suggestions.  Start with finding a trusted professional to talk to.  Meditation to get in touch with your wisdom and observe your thoughts.  Individualized flower essence(s) to heal on a subtle and energetic level.  Plant medicine (plants were put here to help us).  Learning about your mind and body and how they work.  Emotional freedom technique (tapping). Acupuncture. The list goes on.  

Alternatively, when things aren’t going as well as we’d hoped, and we can see that it is not happening to us but rather for us to heal, the mind sends signals that everything is ok.  The flight or fight response is dampened and doesn’t cause us harm.  We remain in our power and in love.  

Do you agree? Do you have suggestions that worked for you? Feel free to comment below!