I want to thank you for our initial meeting. You made me feel very comfortable and I was able to share everything that I am going through. I look forward to our next appointment.
— Elizabeth, New York

I certainly wanted to thank you so much for the time you spent (with my daughter) and I this morning. She left feeling relieved and I left feeling very grateful.

I love my daughters very much and am serious about getting my other daughter in to see you ASAP as well.

My belief, over the years, has evolved and I am choosing to try to live our best lives as a family - and as an individual - and, in that, to surround ourselves with good people who have the best intentions. It is a blessing that our paths have crossed.
— Kathleen, New York

Dr. Kristine is a dedicated healer you can be vulnerable with, and trust, when you really need someone to be vulnerable with and trust. She is a gift to this planet—a helper, a spiritual friend, if you’re lucky enough to find her.
— Michael, New York