naturopathic services

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Dr. Williams focuses on your employees' mind / body balance for a healthier, happier and productive work place. Programs include:

  • On-site guided Meditation
  • Take-home meditation techniques and knowledge for a daily practice.
  • Acupuncture for stress relief, anxiety, pain management and other health conditions and concerns.
  • Personalized and attainable lifestyle adjustments to improve everyday health and wellness (diet choices, vitamin and supplement protocol, physical movement, etc.)
  • Lectures and group discussions on self-care and wellness topics.



Dr. Williams is a licensed acupuncturist.....

womens health services


Dr. Williams has developed a program to help female health concerns related to the body's natural cycles.  Balancing these can be life changing.

Women experience monthly fluctuations in hormones which are impacted by everything we eat, think, feel, and do.  Our hormones work synergistically with all the other chemicals in our bodies and brains.